Our Organisation

We are a membership organisation for professional teachers of the Bates Method for vision education. Our work follows that of Dr W. H. Bates (1860-1931), who said:

"Many people have asked me what I call my treatment. The question is a very embarrassing one because I really have no name to give it unless I can say that my methods are the methods employed by the natural eye."

The Bates Method and other techniques are collectively known as natural vision education. All our members are fully trained in The Bates Method and have been assessed for competence. We value and participate in ongoing professional development. We are teachers and do not offer medical diagnosis or treatment.


History of the Association

In the late 1940s the London Bates Association was formed and it continued into the 1980s. Its members included Evelyn Sage, Michael Ronan, Olive Scarlett, Marie Scarlett and Anthony Attenborough (the chair of the current association). This changed in 1989 to the Bates Association of Great Britain. Peter Mansfield (author of The Bates Method: A complete Guide to Improving Eyesight Naturally) started training new teachers in 1991 (assisted by Margaret Montgomery). When more teachers from other countries started to join the association it was felt that the name should be changed to the Bates Association for Vision Education and this was agreed at the AGM held on 15th July 1999 in Oxford, England.

Benefits of becoming an Association member

Qualified Vision Educators can apply for membership of the Association. Please get in touch for the current application guidelines.

Members are encouraged to continue professional development and ongoing training is subsidised by the association.

All members are invited to an annual weekend of workshops and sharing which includes our annual general meeting. Recent workshops that have been offered were "Art for the Heart, Art Therapy", "Seeing and the Body", "Vision and the Alexander Technique", "How to lead a workshop". This is also a time for informal peer support and ideas sharing.